The TaunusTower was designed by Novotny Mähner Associates (N+M), founded by Fritz Novotny and Arthur Mähner. The stylistic element of the designs is oriented as far as possible to an international style. In addition to many design plans for public buildings, the bureau is especially known for its skyscraper projects, of which many were built in Frankfurt, including:

Office Center Nibelungenplatz, 1966
Garden Towers, 1976
Stern Plaza, 1992
Trianon, 1993
American Express (Frankfurt), 1993
Taunus Tower, 1996
Euroforum Luxembourg, 1996
Limes Haus I, 1996
Eurotheum, 1998-2001
Sunflower Tower Beijing 1999
Gallileo, 2003
City Tower, 2003
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